What new features do you have in the pipeline?

We are constantly working on new features as well as improving current features. We are super pumped to hear back from you what would make our software even better for your success! So please contact us with any suggestions!

Here are a few features that we are currently working on:

  • WordPress Integration - iFrame
  • Shopping Cart - You can purchase more than 1 product at a time
  • Testimonials - You will be able to easily add testimonials to your page
  • Google Analytics - Simply add your code and you can track your vistors
  • Dashboard Analytics - We will display for your the numbers that mean most in your dashboard
  • Product/Service Photos - You will be able to add a photo for every product and service you display
  • Side Bar Contact Info - On the side if your page you will be able to add your phone number, address, office hours etc.
  • Zapier integration
  • MailChimp integration
  • Request A Quote - Your customers will be able to request from you a quote for a specific project or service
  • Sign-Up for Updates - Visitors to your page can sign up for your newsletter by entering their email address
  • To-Do List - Will allow you to create your own to-do list to help you keep your business running smoothly
  • Multiple Languages - You will be able to create your page in multiple languages (we already support multiple currincies)
  • Vacation Settings - You will be able to block out vacation time on your calendar
  • Property Rentals

Can I embed my BookMe page into my WordPress site?

Being able to embed your page into your existing websites is currently in the works! We will be going live with this feature in June 2017.

Is Book Like A Boss mobile friendly?

Yup! Your page is 100% mobile optimized! From a phone, tablet or desktop your bookme page will look perfect!

Will Book Like A Boss work in my time zone?

Absolutely! We automatically detect time zones so people will see the right times based where they are in the world.