Video Tutorials

Tutorial 1: How to create an account

Tutorial 2: Filling out your profile

Tutorial 3: How to add your profile photos

Tutorial 4: Adding photos to your gallery

Tutorial 5: Setting up your FAQ's

Tutorial 6: Adding Facebook comments to your page

Tutorial 7: How to use your messaging system

Tutorial 8: How to set up your weekly schedule

Tutorial 9: How to create a service or product package

Tutorial 10: Setting up your payment systems

Tutorial 11: Billing, Account Settings and Upgrading Your Account

Tutorial 12: Appointments

Tutorial 13: Custom Fields

Tutorial 14: Cutoff & Padding

Tutorial 15: Canceling & Rescheduling Bookings Part 1

Tutorial 16: Canceling & Rescheduling Bookings Part 2

Tutorial 17: Custom Links (URL's)

Tutorial 18: Setting up email reminders

Tutorial 19: Custom Footer & Brand Removal

Tutorial 20: Packages and Appointments June 2017 Update

Tutorial 21: How to embed your calendars on WordPress and other websites

Tutorial 22: Success Messages and Page Redirects after Bookings

Tutorial 23: Customize Header Text & Call To Action Buttons

Tutorial 24: How to add text to your sidebar

Tutorial 25: How To Set-up Integrations

Tutorial 26: How To Set-Up Testimonials